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Brand History

Reveal True Performance


UMA Racing Sdn. Bhd. is a company founded in Malaysia in 2002, as a joint venture between Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn. Bhd. and Maju Motor Racing. They share a passion for providing high-performance motorcycle parts, with a focus on “Horse Power,” as represented by the UMA Racing logo which is a prancing horse.

Over the years, UMA Racing has developed numerous innovative and high-performance parts proven both on and off the racing circuit. With Japanese Chief Engineer Yoshio Hirano at the helm, he and his team of technical engineers have consistently performed essential research and development utilising cutting-edge technology to further enhance the brand’s products to fulfil consumers’ ever-increasing high-performance expectations.

As one of the industry’s main pioneers, UMA Racing is widely recognised as one of the top motorcycle performance parts manufacturers that specifically caters to those who wish to “REVEAL TRUE PERFORMANCE” of their machines. All of our products have undergone extensive hands-on engineering and testing on both performance and electronic components to ensure that each product provides the best experience possible for any rider.

The uncompromised product quality of UMA Racing is made with the finest materials for maximum durability and is the reason why UMA Racing stands out from its competitors. UMA racing products have been tested and approved by professional riders across the globe, and they have made their way into both local and international motorcycle racing championships. Our outreach spans throughout the 4-corners of the world, which includes; Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Japan, Korea, Australia, Bermuda (North America), Greece, and France (Europe). We’ll keep spreading our enthusiasm with our products, igniting the passion for performance in the hearts of riders all across the globe.