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Research and Development Center



The Power of Research & Development!

We firmly believe that outstanding research and development results in superior products. UMA Racing invests a significant amount of time and effort to studying and creating highly advanced products from concept to production. We start with innovative concepts and analyse, evaluate, identify, and scrutinise every aspect of our projects.

Performance with High-Tech Engineering

Using cutting-edge lasers, 3D modelling, and simulations, we can fine-tune or refine our experiments and prototypes with micro-level precision. With such precision, we can extract every bit of power from every parts.

Testing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….

Yes, we do a lot of testing. At UMA Racing, viable prototypes are thoroughly tested, from hand-on installation to dyno and on-road testing. To maintain unrivalled quality and consistency, each production batch will be sampled and checked for accuracy.